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Universal Twin Mastercylinder


This unique modular assembly gives independent control over both front and rear brakes, or clutch using just one hand.
Unlike other systems, both levers operate in the same plain allowing uninterrupted application.
The system also offers unrivalled levels of adjustment in both span and fulcrum (pivot point) utilising our unique patented design.
It can also be used on the left side for clutch, rear or front brake operation.
Whether you are a disabled rider wanting to ride bike, trike or outfit with improved confidence and safety. Or a racer looking to not let go of the bars whilst applying a touch of rear brake (thumb brake). Or possibly a stunt rider looking for multifunctional controls.
This system is the ideal solution in one lightweight assembly.

  • Machined from high specification billet aluminium.
  • Can be configured to work with both: front and rear brake, or clutch and brake.
  • Can be supplied in either black or chrome finish.
  • 2 separate operating cylinders and lines, but only requires one reservoir.
  • Fits 7/8" or 1" diameter handlebars.
  • Symmetrical design enables right or left hand mounting.
  • Cable operation possible through additional slave cylinder.
  • Available with ‘Flip-up’ lever option
  • Integral mirror mounting boss.
  • Full span adjustment.
  • Fully adjustable lever ratio with no mechanical compromise.
  • Two completely independent systems in one neat package.
  • Available and authorised in the UK through the NABDS grant agreement.
  • If eligible, this unit can be supplied VAT Free.

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